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Investigating possibility of expanding to a full-time alternative provision to schools, for ASD pupils



Project Bray

There is evidence to suggest that donkey-assisted therapy can help to develop the skills that young people on the autism spectrum find challenging. The therapeutic benefits include

  • improving communication
  • improving concentration
  • improving socialisation
  • improving fine motor skills
  • improving patience
  • improving balance
  • gaining a sense of body awareness
  • gaining a sense of self-confidence

(The Donkey Sanctuary)


This Project is to provide respite care for children and young people on the autism spectrum. It is not a riding project, but will focus on caring for the donkeys and developing bonds with them. Please bear in mind that the Project will take place on a working farm.

There is no charge to individual families for the session. They run on the first Sunday of the month and extra sessions during school holidays.

Any school/college interested please contact us to discuss.

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